Coleman & Edwards Makers of Fine Furniture is a small business established in 2014 by its two founding partners, Jake Coleman and Gareth Edwards.

We both originate from a woodworking background, totalling thirteen years of combined experience, but it was as students of the BA (Hons) Furniture Making degree course at Leeds College of Art, England, that we came to meet. During this time we became close friends and decided to establish our own bespoke furniture business after having graduated, which is how the business came to be.

As furniture designers and makers, we strive to create furniture through combining aesthetic beauty with practical functionality. We believe that furniture should be as much a work of art as it is an object of function, with the intention of being used in a practical manner whilst simultaneously existing as an object of beauty. We make furniture for those who appreciate hand-crafted, bespoke pieces and share our vision of combining art and function in unique pieces to be cherished for years to come. Above all, we strive to bring a sense of enjoyment to those who experience the furniture we create, just as we enjoy the creative process itself.